Styles for Aluminium Windows

We offer a great range of window styles to compliment the unique areas of your home. Our aluminium windows are all custom made to measure and are brand new. Our windows are double glazed to maintain, the efficiency of your home environment.


Window Styles

Awning Windows:

This is a style that pushes out from the bottom, so can be left open while still providing some weather protection. Due to the window projection, this style is recommended to open onto an open outside area such as a garden or deck rather than onto a walkway.

Bi-fold Windows:

This dramatic style allows the window to be opened full width for maximum ventilation and an open-plan style to better enjoy your view. Bifold windows can be built in a range of configurations, and all styles can stack to one end of the frame.

Sliding Windows:

A sliding window does not project onto walkways so it’s a great solution for high-traffic areas. We offer options of standard double hung windows or an all-glass look with no horizontal rails.