Styles for Aluminium Doors

Exterior sliding doors:

This is an ideal system for opening our high-traffic or patios. A sliding door is a single panel that slides behind a fixed panel, without any protruding parts. Modern sliding door systems include a level sill which ensures a removes the risk of tripping and enhances the design and flow of your exterior entrance.

Feature entrance doors:

We are very passionate about our range of aluminium features doors which offer all the advantages of aluminium doors while incorporating a range of styles and finishes to match and enhance the style of your home for a warmer welcome.


A stacker door system creates better indoor/outdoor flow by opening up your space. A stacker door system consists of two to three panels on hidden rollers that slide the same way behind a fixed panel. With stacker doors there are no protruding parts, making them ideal for high-traffic areas of the home.

French Doors:

These are a traditional design to suit any home. Our French doors are made to order and can incorporate any size interior or exterior entranceway. French doors can both be opened at once, or set to allow only one door to open at a time as you prefer.

Hinged Doors:

A hinged door is a practical choice for any home, and are ideal for utility areas such as back entrances, garages and laundries.Bifold Doors: This system allows the doors to be opened and fold back flush against your exterior walls proving a stylish indoor/outdoors flow with improved accessibility.